How Bold Are You?

How many times do we look at a fit, dress, top, pant, short, swimsuit, or fashion and say I can't pull that off? How many times did you pick up something, find it so cute or love it only to set it back on the rack with self doubt. Do you find yourself just stuck in a mundane fashion. Going right to the staples of your closet? The only time you would wear "the dress" would be on vacation where no one knows you. Go out of the country or state just to wear that swim suit that may show all your flaws (or the flaws you have labeled). Do we allow society/others to pick our style or are we actually picking the style we want to be wearing? Are we following and not leading? Are you a follower or a leader? Do you dare to be bold? To stand out? Or would you rather blend in to the background? But yet I see women shy away or feel less than to wear what they are attracted to wear. Due to body image, age, or fear. If I would do a survey the majority of women would say they are more worried or focused on how they look then the woman next to her. She is comparing herself subconsciously the past version of her. These comparisons consist of things she wished she had in appearance or the judgment based only on fear and lies she told herself. Now Im not saying go let everything hang out or for the woman you are to change your morals and values in order to wear that fit. No, Im saying be bold babe, stop comparing yourself to the woman next to you, let the past you go, stop doubting you, stop body shaming, embrace and love the way you are now, be a leader, and be unapologetically you. Go on babe wear that swim suit, wear that bold pattern or color, enjoy styling and dressing the body you're in. Are you letting the past you dress you?